Pianos for Sale:

Central Michigan Pianos specializes in commissioned restorations.


 If you are looking for a classic Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, or other fine vintage piano, we can locate and restore the perfect instrument.


Please call Alex @ 989-620-6294 or email alex@cmpiano.com for more info.

About Us

A Brief History of our Piano Shop:


In 1984, Alex Kapteyn started in the piano business as an apprentice to Royal Akin, an established piano technician from northern Michigan. Working with Royal, Alex learned the foundational techniques of tuning and regulating a piano's action. In 1986, Alex began his own business servicing and rebuilding  pianos.

In 1988, Alex was hired as a piano technician at Michigan Piano (now known as James Reeder Pianos) in Lansing Michigan. Many valuable techniques were learned concerning piano restoration during Alex's time at James Reeder's, and his overall skills dramatically improved. Also during this time, Alex's association with the renowned Interlochen Arts Academy began.

In 1991, Alex left James Reeder Pianos to establish his own full time piano service and restoration business, which included sound board replacement, bridge recapping, action replacement and all other facets of piano restoration. Several performance pianos from Interlochen Arts Academy were also restored during this period, and much invaluable experience was gained. Also, concert tuning for some of the world's finest pianists who visited Interlochen further sharpened Alex's skill as a technician.


The Growing Years:


Due to Alex's expanding business, a larger facility was needed. In 1996, the business was moved to its current location, which was originally constructed as a 2,400 sq.ft restoration facility. Early American Drywall and Concrete was the decor, but served well as the foundation of things to come. Proper machinery and tools were installed, and the business continued to grow as Alex's two older sons Sam & Erik Kapteyn became involved in the family business.

In 1997, the Kapteyns began selling new pianos in order to meet the demand of their customers.

In 2001, the Kapteyns decided to change the business name to Central Michigan Pianos, Inc. to better serve their growing international customer base.

An expanding business required a 2,900 square foot addition which was completed in spring 2004.

In 2008, the manufacture of Qm7 and Qm5 pinblocks as well as MaxCrown Soundboards began.

In 2009, Central Michigan Pianos, Inc. celebrated their 25th anniversary by designing a commemorative 1916 Steinway O special edition.

In 2012, Central Michigan Pianos finished a complete renovation of our entire showroom/ sound recording area.

Take a tour of the new showroom here >>>>

Central Michigan Pianos continues to strive for excellence in our piano restorations. Our reputation for quality and attention to detail is becoming known worldwide, and as a result, more and more of our pianos are being shipped all over the USA and the world.

In a very challenging economy, the standard of quality we are known for will still be upheld and even improved. Thanks to all of our loyal customers who have supported us these past twenty five + years!

personel bio pic Alex Kapteyn, President

Aside from managing the everyday affairs that come with running a business, Alex is also the chief piano technician here at Central Michigan Pianos. His goal is to ensure that every piano leaves our restoration shop perfectly prepared in every detail. 

Julia Kapteyn, Vice President


Julia Kapteyn, Vice President

An accomplished pianist with a discerning ear for a piano's touch and tone, Alex's wife Julia plays an important role in the final tone inspections here at the piano shop. She is also an active consultant concerning many business decisions.




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